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About this Plug-in to Live Writer is a Windows Live Writer plug-in that integrates with the online storage site The main purpose is to allow you to browse your account and insert files to your blog.

At the moment the plug-in is tightly integrated with WLW but I am going to refactor it soon so the integration screens will be able to run independantly of WLW, bascially creating a Windows application to manage your account. To do this I have developed a C# API over the XML API that can be used in any .NET 2.0 application.

What do you think? - Tell me what you think of this plugin, if your having issues and what could be done better.

Latest Release

The latest release was added 10th September 2006 and is Production version 1.0. The main change in this version is the drag-n-drop function for moving files and folders around. Download the release using the link on the right (make sure you uninstall any previous version).

More information

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