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Insert a file

1. To insert a file link into your blog post, first select a file from the My Box listing. Make sure the file is shared as only shared files can be linked to. To Share a file, read the instructions on how to Share and unshare files and folders.

2. When a shared file is selected, the Insert Link tab will be activated and the display text and URL will be automatically populated.

3. Complete all information you require and click the Insert button. This will close the plug-in window and insert a link to the selected file.

Display Text
This is the text that will display in your link.

This value should not be changed otherwise your link may not work. When selecting a file the URL will be populated with the Shared Link if you have a free account or the Direct Link if you have a paid account.

This is the text that will display as a tool tip when someone hovers over the link.

This is where the link will be targeted. For example, blank will open the link in a new browser window and self will open in the current window. You can also enter a named window if you want by typing directly into the field.

Insert File Icon
Select this option to insert an icon next to the file link.

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