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1. To login, enter your email address and password into the appropriate fields.

2. Click the Login button or just press the Enter key.

3. If login is successful the browser will load, displaying your contents.

Forgot - Click this link if you have forgotten your password. This link will open the forgot password page in your web browser.

Remember this login information?
Selecting this option will save your email and pasword to the plug-in options. The details will be restored when you next open the plug-in.

Automatically login next time?
Selecting this option will automatically log you in next time the plug-in opens. To enable this option, you must have the Remember this login information option checked.

If you don't already have a user account, click Register to open the Registration screen.

Clicking Cancel will close the plug-in without making any changes to your blog post.

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1. To register for a free account, enter your email address, password and confirmation password into the appropriate fields.

2. Click the Register button or press the Enter key to register.

3. If the registration is sucessful then you will be automatically logged in. If registration fails then an error message will be shown (this is usually because the email address specified is already in use).

Clicking Cancel will return you to the login screen.

Terms of Service
By registering for a free account you must agree to the terms of service. Clicking the terms of service link will open the terms of service description in your web browser.

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